krisy K gosney

kate eggert

Kate co-founded West Hollywood Heritage Project in 2014 with Krisy Gosney. Kate is currently filming, Where the Misfits Go, a documentary about The Palms bar in West Hollywood which became a lesbian bar in the 1970s and just closed its doors in 2013. The documentary will examine the history of the bar, the history of the building and the city and people who tolerated one of the US’ oldest operating lesbian bars and those who kept it in business for so long.

Kate’s work in West Hollywood historic preservation and The Palms bar documentary have been covered in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Shewired, WeHo News, Out in the 562, WEHOVille, Esotouric’s podcast You Can’t Eat the Sunshine, and most recently Press Play with Madeleine Brand on KCRW.

Kate earned her MA degree in Fiction Writing at the University of Texas at Austin. She studied with accomplished authors such as Michael Cunningham and Denis Johnson. Kate received a James A. Michener Fellowship for her short stories while at UT. In Austin, Kate worked on the documentary film Last Man Standing: Politics – Texas Style (part of PBS ’POV series) by award-winning documentarian Paul Steckler as a production assistant.

Kate currently works as a writer, and recently started a historic preservation consulting firm with her partner, Krisy K Gosney.

Krisy co-founded West Hollywood Heritage Project in 2014 with Kate Eggert. Krisy is a native Southern Californian; she was born in LA county. As a young adult she indulged in the energy of the cities but took the architecture and history for granted. It wasn’t until she returned to Los Angeles (after studying English and Playwriting at San Francisco State University) that she began to literally see the visual treasure trove that is LA. And she found that behind the urban beauty and blight there are tons of fascinating people and stories. This led Krisy to join Kate Eggert in founding West Hollywood Heritage Project.

Krisy attended UCLA where she earned a MFA in Screenwriting. She has been awarded a James A. Michener Fellowship, Carl David Memorial Fellowship and an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Fellowship.

Her script ‘Shotwell’ won a grant from the San Francisco Film Society/Kenneth Rainin Foundation; and was selected for IFP’s Independent Film Week Project Forum program Emerging Storytellers in 2010. The script for ‘Shotwell’ was also a semi-finalist in the 2010 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. Krisy was a fellow, with ‘Shotwell’, in the 2013 Directing Lab and the 2012 Screenwriting Lab at Film Independent. And continues to develop the script with Richard Bever (G.B.F.).

Krisy works as a writer, and recently started a historic preservation consulting firm with her partner, Kate Eggert. She is a producer on Kate Eggert’s documentary film telling of one of the, formerally, oldest, operating lesbian bar in the US (The Palms bar). And she hopes to direct her first feature film, ‘Shotwell,’ in the very near future.

Kate and Krisy also run the site Dead History Project.