West Hollywood Heritage Project was founded in 2015. So far, our mission statement goes like this: to promote, honor and preserve West Hollywood history and its built environment through activism, advocacy, research, social media, education and entertainment.

WHHP is newly formed, however, founding partners Kate Eggert and Krisy K Gosney have already saved two Sherman-era, craftsman homes (927 and 931 Palm Avenue) from demolition by persuading, through research and presentation, the city to make them Local Cultural Resources of West Hollywood. Kate and Krisy also uncovered and presented the research on the Wurdeman & Becket streamline moderne, (AKA Dr Jones Dog and Cat Hospital) at 9080 Santa Monica Boulevard, that slowed its fast-tracked demolition and convinced the Los Angeles Conservancy to file a lawsuit against its destruction. Kate and Krisy also created the letter writing and social media campaign that brought global attention to the building's importance and peril.

Kate and Krisy are researching, writing and leading the social media fight to stop the demolition of The Factory, which was built by Truscon and formerly housed Mitchell Camera Corporation and Studio One Disco. They will continue this work under WHHP. As well as continue to work on Kate's feature-film documentary on the Palms bar (once located at 8572 Santa Monica Blvd) formerly the oldest continuously operating lesbian in the U.S.

WHHP is currently teaming up with Hollywood Heritage, as well as other local preservation groups, to help identify, promote and preserve LGBT historic sites throughout Los Angeles, Hollywood and West Hollywood.

WHHP is not likely to become a membership-driven organization. However, friends, supporters, colleagues and partners will always be welcome.